Terms and conditions

Premium Rebate is the official partner (IB) and agent of Brokers, which are presented on the website www.premium-rebate.com

The Customer – user, who register for rebate service at www.premium-rebate.com

Premium Rebate pays the Customer a part of IB commission received from Brokers. The rebate rates and rebate conditions are presented on the website  www.premium-rebate.com

Rebate is paid for accounts which were opened under our IB link or transferred to our IB group. Accounts should be added for rebate in the Customers personal area on our website. Rebate is valid only after the account is verified (we should confirm that account is under our IB group).

Rebate is paid automatically in Brokers, which support such way of payment. 

Some Brokers don’t support internal payments. For this Brokers rebate will be paid automatically on monthly basis.  Payments will be processed to the payment system that Customer choose in his personal area. 

Customer is responsible to choose at least one payment system for manual payments. Otherwise manual payments can’t be processed.

Premium Rebate guarantee that spreads and commissions remain the same, no matter if Customer’s account under our IB group or not.

Premium Rebate is not responsible for the mistakes made by Customer while requesting the activation of account.

Premium Rebate shall be entitled not to pay Rebate to the Customer in case of the Broker’s refusal to pay IB commission. Such refusal can arise from breach of this Broker’s trading conditions by the Customer or for other reasons.

Premium Rebate undertakes not to disclose the information received from the Customer, to any third parties.

Premium Rebate is not responsible for Customer’s losses during the trading.

All information on this website belongs to Premium Rebate and cannot be used or copied without our approval.

The Customer has read the Risk Warning on this website.

The Customer agrees to receive the newsletters to the email, which he used during the registration.